Drive up Beechmont Avenue on any given day, and you’ll encounter these sad storefronts: empty, rotting gas stations. Beginning at the base of Beechmont Levee and continuing up the strip, as the avenue becomes Ohio Pike and State Route 125, the monstrosities multiply, remnants of failed expectations or overly optimistic business planning.

Beechmont is far from alone. There are at least 40 empty—or “orphaned,” as the bureaucrats would have it—gas stations registered with the state of Ohio for Hamilton County alone, and dozens of others in three other Southwest Ohio counties: Butler, Clermont and Warren. That’s according to figures compiled at the request of Cincy Business magazine by the state fire marshal’s office.

How is an “out of business” story making its way into the pages of a magazine that supposed to be all about “in business and thriving”? Because these lingering remnants of a petrol-rich era serve as unfortunate testaments to unrealistic policies and corporate indifference.

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