This summer, the Rookwood Pottery Co. is rolling out the first original line of Rookwood tile to be produced in 50 years: the Timeless Beauty Collection, inspired by Rookwood creations from the turn of the century.

The company, established in 1880, stopped production in 1967. Various owners used original molds to produce just enough items to keep the trademark alive until 2005, when it was purchased by now-president and -CEO Christopher Rose and a group of investors.

The company, which uses Rookwood’s original glaze and clay recipes, is adhering to Rookwood’s heritage of quality work by local artists.

“I know for our artistic/creative team it’s very exciting on a daily basis. A lot of ceramic artists look to Rookwood as an ideal of what can be achieved in ceramics,” says Suzanne Blackburn, Rookwood’s public relations and marketing manager.

The company relocated in May from Corryville to a 100,000-square-foot facility in Over-the-Rhine. The Timeless Beauty Collection will be on display at the showroom there (call to make an appointment, 513-381-2510, www.rookwood. com) and at Kemper Design Center (www.