If you think Valentine’s Day is just another “Hallmark Holiday” to drive sales of flowers, chocolate and jewelry, perhaps you’ve forgotten what the word “romance” is all about. You need romantic recharging.

First, rediscover that romance can be “a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.” (Thanks to Oxford American Dictionary for the assist). Next, concentrate on the “excitement” part, and think of a Valentine’s restaurant. Been married for years? Ready to discover if there’s something more to that new infatuation? Getting out together for an intimate dinner can refresh or advance any relationship. Present the roses, hand over the Tiffany’s gift box with a kiss, but I still want some cozy time, sharing good food and wine.

Yes, there’s a time and place for that secluded corner in a candlelit trattoria. Yes, the most expensive, adventurous and creative restaurants in Greater Cincinnati can prove that fine dining is an aphrodisiac. But let’s get back to the excitement, gents. I want a room where we pause from gazing into one another’s eyes and share a memorable view. Book us a table for two at the Chart House.

My Chart House experience began in Annapolis years ago. On a good night, its fresh seafood offerings matched or exceeded the best catches featured at the trendy independent restaurants on Chesapeake Bay. The same holds true for the Newport (Kentucky, not Rhode Island) Chart House today.

(By the way, you can collect points in the Chart House frequent dining program, good for 25 locations nationwide. Imagine sunset dining at that spectacular Malibu location on the Pacific Coast Highway — for free!)

So here’s my Valentine Chart House date proposal: I’ll begin with the award-winning clam chowder, and you get those perfectly textured colossal shrimp. Or go bold with the Tiger Shrimp Beignet, which is Executive Chef Tony Riley’s unique contribution to the menu. These luscious fried fritters come with a chipotle and aioli sauce that delivers a nice kick.

Then we’ll progress to the slow-roasted prime rib for you, while I’ll take another Chart House favorite such as the seafood mixed grill or the Snapper Hemingway, topped with that sinfully tasty crab and shallot butter.

Usually I’d choose the Drylands Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, and you’d go for a glass of pinot noir with your prime rib, or perhaps that J. Lohr Estates Seven Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon. But this isn’t any night, and the Chart House list includes “Specialty Reds” and “Interesting Whites,” including a Sonoma Pinot Blanc called “Valley of the Moon.” Hmmm.

We’ll pace ourselves toward that legendary Hot Chocolate Lava Cake. I don’t care if my friends say this dessert is so yesterday. It’s a yummy yesterday that makes all my troubles seem so far away.

Through it all, we’re going to enjoy the spaciousness of the Chart House and its recent $1 million makeover. No clattering noise, no jammed tables where even whispers are overheard. Between sips and sweet talk, looking ahead to enjoying the Chart House balcony in warm weather, we’ll pause often to take in that sweeping, star-glittering panorama of the Cincinnati skyline and the Ohio River. As lyricist Johnny Mercer put it, on that night our Moon River will be a dream-maker.

Is it a date, my huckleberry friend?