If any motorsports enthusiast would know the benefits of owning an RV, Bill Porter is he. The Batavia resident has been involved in racing for 51 years. The 69-year-old still races, and he uses his RV to haul his racecar in addition to its traditional uses.
He's on his third RV, a 30-foot Winnebago that sleeps six. His first RV was a bread truck that was converted to an RV in the 1970s; it slept four. His second was a Tioga that slept eight. Each has served him well as he has traveled the Midwest, racing in places such as Jackson, Mich.; Joliet, Ill.; Columbus, Ind.; Gatlinburg, Tenn.; and many other small towns.
Traveling in an RV has helped Porter, who races in the Solo Program in the Sports Car Club of America, in numerous ways.
"Probably the most important thing is all the conveniences you have there in the motor home," says Porter. "You have bathroom facilities, and if you want to get a quick power nap you don't have to go back to a motel. You can get to an event early and have a good night's rest before the event. Of course, usually you have a stove and a refrigerator so you have refreshments as well as food."
Porter cites one example in which owning an RV is quite financially beneficial: his annual trip to Elkhart Lake, Wisc.
"It usually costs me around $250 to drive up, but we're up there for 10 days," says Porter, noting that adding hotel expenditures would increase the total cost exponentially.
Owning an RV also has enabled Porter to bring numerous family members and friends to events they might not have otherwise been able to attend.
"That's an important thing," says Porter on being able to share the motorsports experience with friends and family. He plans on turning over the piloting of his built-from-scratch racecar to his 19-year-old son Andrew whenever he learns to drive a manual transmission.