Mount Pleasant Retirement Community is focused on treating each resident on an individual basis.

Spread across 110 acres of land and made up of different buildings and homes, Mount Pleasant Retirement Village is constantly changing the typical view of nursing homes. 

Located in Monroe, the retirement village consists of the three options of independent living: ranch homes, the Brownstone condominiums and Mount Pleasant place apartments. The campus is also home to various assisted living homes, Alzheimer’s care, skilled nursing and rehab facilities. There are also health and hospice care buildings on the property. 

Residents in any type of nursing home want to live as comfortable as possible, and the staff at Mt. Pleasant makes sure residents have everything they could possibly need.

From social to educational and career programs, there is something offered for every type of senior citizen and every age at Mt. Pleasant. Lectures, classes and other learning opportunities are offered. Fitness classes and other physical activities happen daily as well. 

Daily shopping trips, dining out and various sporting events are offered throughout the community to give residents as many chances as possible to socialize with others.

However, this covers not even half of the amenities Mt. Pleasant Retirement Village has in its many facilities. Along with all of the activities that are made available for the residents, there are also options for spiritual life, where a variety of different faiths are recognized. 

“We are a faith-based community and very mission oriented,” says Devon Moyer, director of sales and marketing at Mt. Pleasant Retirement Village. “We nurture our residents physically, emotionally and through faith.” 

One of Mt. Pleasant’s up-and-coming programs is called “Music & Memory.” The residents are presented with iPods with personalized music playlists on them. 

“Our goal is to bring back musical favorites and entertainment to the residents that may not be able to converse and socialize like they used to,” says Moyer. “This program is really for our residents struggling with dementia or other cognitive impairments that affect their social skills.”

The Music & Memory program is a nationally recognized program that is very new to Mt. Pleasant. The program is still a work in progress and will be happening over the course of the summer and into the fall, according to Moyer. 

One of the goals of Mt. Pleasant is to treat each resident on an individual basis; this is a very important aspect for the staff to focus on with residents. “This program is another example of how we serve our residents on an individual basis,” says Moyer. “This program is really being led by our nursing home administrator, Josie Browning Haney, and she is collaborating with our director of nursing, Denise Brown.” 

Along with the Music & Memory program, there are many other projects in the works at Mt. Pleasant. This includes a large expansion of the rehab gym, more physical and speech therapy, and plans to expand the physical therapy area with new equipment for residents.