We have Henry VIII and his band of Tudor monarchs, including Mary I (also known as Bloody Mary) to thank for one of the most prevalent house designs found in Greater Cincinnati. Tell-tale characteristics of the Tudor Revival style, so popular from 1915-1940 in the U.S., include steeply-pitched roofs with cross gables, half timbers, leaded windows often in diamond patterns, arched entries and steep chimneys topped by terra cotta pots. Most found here are combinations of stucco, stone, brick and clapboard with floor plans that often include irregularly shaped rooms we like to think of as “cozy.”

But like any home design, their price depends on location, location, location.

With that in mind we scanned home sales from the past nine months to track what Tudors of all shapes and sizes are going for in different neighborhoods around town.

*Listings provided by Sibcy Cline