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As the economy begins to recover, homeowners continue to look for the best prices on home renovations "” but quality should play a bigger role.

Richard Shannon, owner of Richard Shannon's Painting, Flooring & Remodeling LLC., has been in the business for 30 years. He's seen his share of homeowners seeking inexpensive jobs and being disappointed at sub-par results.

"Customers are really shopping for price now with the economy," Shannon says. However, "People jump into this business who aren't insured, don't have Workers' Compensation, or don't join the Better Business Bureau."

That could spell disaster for unsuspecting homeowners. Shannon says that while some people are too intimidated to ask for proof of insurance and other qualifications, that makes them very vulnerable to lawsuits. For example, if a painter falls off the roof during a job and is injured, clients could face lawsuits if the company doesn't have Workers' Compensation.

But don't just take a company's word that they are insured, Shannon warns. He recommends asking to see certificates and even calling insurance companies to double-check claims.

Ratings from the BBB are also helpful, points out Shannon, whose company has been a member since 2001 and carries an "A+" rating. "I see companies pop up in spring that are out by winter, and you won't see them again," he explains. Doing research can prevent such a situation.

"You might get a cheaper job," Shannon says, "but you'll pay for it dearly if you don't check."

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