It's not easy being Queen of England in 100-degree heat while decked out in 35 pounds of ruffles, petticoats and pleating. You would think Connie Pfeiffer (a Pilates instructor out of season) has to be tempted to renounce her title and chuck her crown for a little AC and a nosh on one of the giant turkey legs that Renaissance Festival guests relish.

But, it just wouldn't be proper.

And like all the 150 costumed characters strolling the village, she takes her responsibilities very seriously.

There's no tripping her up on Elizabethan history. She's done her homework with a stack of books on Queen E I. And there's no overthrowing the crown. Her guards mean business.

Was being queen a childhood fantasy? Actually, I wanted to be a pioneer girl like Laura Ingalls Wilder's characters.

But when I got older, I read about Elizabeth I and thought 'what an amazing, strong, courageous woman she was' which makes this the icing on the cake.

Do you wear shorts under that skirt? Certainly not. There are walking boots, stockings, bloomers, a hoop skirt, a bumroll (a padding at the waist that makes the skirt look like a bell), an underskirt, an overskirt, a shirt partlet with sleeves, a corset and bodice over that with more sleeves tied to the bodice, then neck ruffles, wrist ruffles and jewelry.

And the crown, of course.

How do you weather the heat? I do get to sit down during the jousting and chess matches. And if I need a break, I ask one of the nobles to tell me a story or ask a villager to play a game for me or I sit with a patron.

How do you get around? Slowly.

As queen I bow to no one, of course, but that doesn't stop me from getting down on my knees, especially if a little kid is intimidated . . . but of course I need help getting back up again.

How do you get your "queen" on? The costume really helps me get in character and connect with my inner royalty. It's pretty magical and changes my demeanor.

How about those giant turkey drumsticks? There's a not a lot of room in that corset. I have breakfast beforehand and snack on fruit and finger food.

Does anyone challenge your power? One time a girl stood about 20 feet away and shouted "Death to the Queen."

My guards stood ground in front of me, and she did apologize.

For punishment I made her address me by my full title: "Her Most Radiant Majesty, Gloriana Regina, Elizabeth Queen of England, Ireland, Wales and the Virginias, Defender of the Faith on Earth and Under God, Supreme Governor Over the Church of England and Ireland."

How did you claim the throne? In 2010 I was Lady Mum, the Lord Mayor's mother, who settled differences and mediated unrest in the village. Then the Queen moved to Colorado and I was chosen for 2011, I think because I like to play and have fun with the other cast members and the guests.