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I often think back to how we got our start here in Cincy.

Some five years ago I was working for another magazine for Great Lakes Publishing called Ohio Business, which is based in Cleveland (I know ... don’t gasp). I was tasked to get out and find some good stories about business across the state. We made plenty of phone calls around Columbus, without much success.

On our first visit to Cincy, we tried George Molinsky. He fielded our phone call, accepted our request to meet, and soon he excitedly invited us to check out all the cool things happening with the entrepreneur scene in the city. We interviewed Barb Aras about Main Street Ventures, an old business incubator at 12th and Main. After we sat down for a good couple of hours, our writer gave the nod that he had plenty of information to go with. As we were leaving, both Barb and George told us something like, “Hey, if you ever wanted to set up roots here, let us know. This area is always open for budding companies looking to grow.”

Or at least that’s how I remember it.

Little did they know that the very next day I was driving around town with the chairman of our company, and we started to take their invitation to heart. I remember it vividly: We were going by Fountain Square, in the middle of winter, and we were impressed by a bustle of people braving the cold, walking around the city center. We started talking about what it would be like to start something here in Cincy.

A few months later, I was making a call to this same Main Street Ventures. I had arrived, but my makeshift office in a hotel room wasn’t going to take me far. Within about two hours they set me up in a starter office with an internet link and a copier shared with some great guys starting a venture themselves. The rest is history.

I bring this story up not only to show how much gratitude we owe to those that gave us a shot, but also to say thanks to a town that I call home — a place that gave us opportunities where, more often than not, doors were more readily opened than closed.

Cincy is a place we love, and that’s why we dedicate our June issue’s cover story to talking about just that. This is a first for us, but something long in the making and well due. Over a year ago, when our staff started brainstorming about things we really liked about our area, we found that we had a lot of opinions — and they varied greatly. We all agreed it seemed right to get out and ask others, too.

Of those we surveyed, you will see a mix of the famous, the infamous and mostly some downright nice people. What they love most about our area may differ, but they shared a high level of enthusiasm about where they live, work and play.

Credit is due to our editorial staff for all the hard work pulling this off, in particular Amy Hattersley, who headed up the project.

Are we missing some reasons why you Love Cincy? Let us know. Provide feedback online at or e-mail We’re eager to see this love list grow longer, year by year.