In times like these I am nervous to even write about current economic conditions, because our magazine goes to the printer a few weeks before it is sent to you in the mail. The business climate is also particularly special right now because our presidential election will happen soon after this issue ofCincy is out on the newsstands.

As they say, timing is everything, so I won’t try to conjecture where we will be in November. However, one thing that I can be confident of is that when you read this we will still be trying to get the economy back on track on a local, national and international scale.

In light of what can be described as a daily bombardment whenever we read the news, two things helped me find some peace of mind recently: I did some fact-finding to look at similar instances in the past, and I also tried to figure out what I can do, if anything, to affect possible outcomes.

I found that there are many examples of successful individuals and companies that utilized bad economic periods to their advantage. For example, Bill Gates created Microsoft during the recession of 1975. Walt Disney started his company in 1924 and survived by giving people something to smile about during the Great Depression. Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard launched their technology enterprise in that famous Palo Alto garage in 1934, when world markets were still mired in stagnation. A year after General Electric Co. was formed, the company had to endure the Panic of 1893 and a three-year economic slump.

Most notably here, Procter & Gamble has made progress in every major recession, beating out many of its competitors because it bolstered its advertising while others pulled back, to the detriment of their brands.

After reading about these successful companies, one thing that I see in our region is how companies that started or grew here, like P&G, drive our economy like no other force. I see now that regional leadership, with a focus on these local developing companies, is something we can be proactive about even in these tough times. It will drive employment and bring in the elusive “creative class” talent like no other initiative.

This is why I am very excited at the partnership thatCincy Magazine has developed with the Hamilton County Development Co. (HCDC), CincyTech and various other development groups to launch the special publication The Cincy Entrepreneur Toolkit. The feature is included in this issue and will be distributed separately throughout 2009. We hope it will get into the hands of interested entrepreneurs who need information to start or grow their businesses in the Tristate.

So, by the time you read this, I am sure some economic solutions will have been sorted out, with many probably still in the works. I hope that reading this magazine, like a good book, gives you some time to enjoy and reflect on what cool things are happening in our area. I think it’s safe to say we all have things to do individually to ensure our future. Collectively, though, let’s try our best to focus on actions like, heck, helping create the next P&G, that will allow our region to excel well into this next chapter.