Where to find love in the city is certainly a question for the ages. It has been asked in the columns of Ann Landers and, more recently and close-to-home, by Carrie Bradshaw, played by former Cincinnatian Sarah Jessica Parker, in Sex and the City.

My pursuit, in Cincinnati that is, started some nine years ago when I moved to town. Working long hours and living in a hotel, I knew I had to make changes to get things moving. I decided to get an apartment with Towne Properties in swank Mount Adams, paying maybe a little more than I could afford. Julio Iglesias, the famed singer of love songs, used to say, "If you have got it, flaunt it." Or in my case, I at least tried to fake it.

Soon enough I found that I also needed to do something outside of work, so I joined a softball team with Cincinnati Sports Leagues. You could join a team of individuals "” mostly freshly minted new-to-towners. It was a bet that would pay off big time. I ended up making good friends, and after games, we would hit the town. Just a couple months later, we met at a DERF-sponsored Happy Hour. That's where I met the woman who would become my wife. My offer to her? What about playing on our softball team? Of course, I needed her phone number so I could follow up and provide the practice schedule and all. Very smooth, indeed. The team didn't do very well. In fact, we didn't win a game all season to the dismay of our coach. But I never had as much fun in my life as that season spent winning my soon-to-be wife's heart.

I share my story of love because it plays into our launch of this inaugural YP Cincinnati Guide. We are proud of our partnership with Give Back Cincinnati to create this annual go-to guide for busy young professionals throughout the Tristate. Regional leaders and businesses have great concern about attracting and keeping young creative talent. We hope that this publication, both in print and online (www.cincymagazine.com), offers a wealth of information for businesses, friends and family on the many cool things the region has to offer "” the obvious as well as those things that may be overlooked.

So why my love story? I believe that my luck finding that special someone truly affected my decision to stay here and keep pushing the growth of our magazine and company. Prior to living in Cincinnati, I had been in Cleveland, and before that Washington, DC, Korea, Seattle, Tacoma and Virginia. It just took one organization geared to getting young people together, like the many you will read about in this issue, to give me my biggest reason for staying put.

It's not all about romance, however. These groups offer networking, professional development and opportunities for significant volunteering. In fact, Cincy Art Director Kim Cochrane found out about the job opening at our magazine through another employee during a Give Back Cincinnati event, while they were clearing bike trails at Devou Park.

It is certainly about connections.