A couple of months ago I posted a story created by a quality local journalist, Alexander Coolidge of the Enquirer, onto the social media landscape. The “Cincinnati economy fastest-growing in the Midwest” article had some really interesting points, but the one that most impressed me was how many people “liked” or forwarded this posting. OK, before you dart to the obvious and shameless self promotion of the social media win, I want to point out that even I can see that my social success came from not only Alexander, but the article content.

This article about the success of Cincinnati and the region compares us to other local Midwest cities, and also with other notable markets across the country. Some of these regions may have experienced a boom previously, but their sole reliance on specific things like oil (basically all of Texas) maybe took away some steam from the machine of success. Diversity, which we continue to strive for in regards to our workplaces, proves to be one of Cincinnati’s strong points as it pertains to the make up of its industry. 

In Mark Cuban’s book How to Win at the Sport of Business, he emphasizes that each day he treats business as essentially a game where he fights each day for the win. Many growing up in grade school can fondly remember playing games or sports and going for the gusto. What a glorious feeling after a win! There was the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment, with the ease of walking away and relishing the sweetness of the scoreboard.

The neat thing about an article like this is that it speaks toward a lot of people participating here locally. We can all bask in this victory. We all are a part of what was being evaluated and we all can see, as Jill Meyer with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber and John Barrett of Western and Southern recently pointed out as keynote at the chamber annual lunch, that the dynamic energy is here around us. Even just a decade ago the feeling was not nearly as palpable and it only multiplies as more people and decision makers join the chorus.

I issue a challenge to all of you to maintain the momentum. My personal opinion is that support of local entrepreneurial ventures that take into account not only revenue growth but also those that drive local employment should sit as one of our highest priorities. Working hard and caring about our communities are traits that we here in Cincinnati have always been good at. It is nice now to finally get some recognition for these efforts. Now, taking a phrase from Procter and Gamble, let’s collectively wash, rinse, and repeat.

P.S. To view Alexander Coolidge’s article, visit cincinnati.com/story/money/2015/09/23/cincinnati-economy-fastest-growing-midwest/72689970/.