My 30s were a decade of poor health, in that I realized—probably later than I would have liked—that working to stay in shape was something that I needed to prioritize. Now, with that decade in the rear view mirror, I take solace in understanding how my actions affect how well I feel. It only takes one doctor visit of being asked questions like, “What have you done differently?” or “What out of the ordinary has happened?” to get to why it is better to ask these questions of ourselves. All the benefit without the copay.

In this issue we feature our second annual Best Schools cover story. Last year we launched this analysis of our local public high schools, as we wanted to better inform you, our subscribers throughout the Tristate, particularly since there seemed an abundance of information about schools but not a more filtered review. My appreciation of a community’s health came after years of us producing our annual Rating the Burbs cover story. With many points of analysis—from local crime to home values and even the average commute time to work—schools, and how well they were doing as compared to their peers, were the most important bellwether of the data sets for each community. 

After producing this issue last year, the feedback from you was overwhelming and, as such, we felt the need to continue our research. We did get some quality input, especially when it came to local private schools, which is why we have created a more robust Private School Guide in this same issue. We also continue our Outstanding Educators feature.

We are now seeing school funding being up in the air when it comes to state politics. It baffles me, being a fan of the accomplishments of former Gov. Rhodes of Ohio, especially in his work in education, that the current administration can with one stroke of the budget veto pen put many things into question. Thankfully, many of our legislators agree. My view now is that cutting education financing across the board without community validation is like the doctor giving a prescription without even consulting with the patient on what ails them.

Be on the watch for more follow up on our Best Schools initiative digitally. You will be able to see how your schools did compared to last year, how we as a region fare compared to others and so much more. Thank you for continued interest and feedback.