When someone asks me what I think Cincinnatians do well, this is what I tell them: they know how to congregate and they come together in mass support of the things they enjoy. Oktoberfest, Reds Opening Day and The Flying Pig. These are just a sampling. What used to be in this list, and mentioned with pride, was Tall Stacks.

The public supported this event because it took into account things that make Cincinnati unique: the boats, the river and, frankly, the sheer sense of history that makes our city uniquely special. Participation on the river continues as you see growth at The Banks mirroring the success at Newport on the Levee.

Woven into the fabric of our lives are memories of coming together on the river. My first words to my then future wife, sitting with her friends at the Pavilion bar in Mount Adams overlooking the Ohio, was how Samuel Clemens created his pseudonym “Mark Twain” on the steamboats traveling the river we were gazing at.

So what is happening to this event and why do so many want to support it? Find out with Mike Boyer’s feature on page 62. If you don’t like the current state of Tall Stacks after reading this article, please let me know because we’re in agreement.

I would like to organize a group of concerned citizens to join in the conversation with those who are a part of Tall Stacks. They need our support, our passion and our interest to make this a great success.

When John Barrett of Western and Southern was asked why he built the Great American Tower, his answer was simply “Why not?” If we have something we don’t want to lose, then asking ourselves where can we help with Tall Stacks seems rather small in comparison.

If you are interested in joining this effort, please reach out to me directly at 513-297-6205, or at eharmon@cincymagazine.com.