Dear Cincy,

It's been awhile since we decided to write our affections about why we love you. So, we reached out to your residents to get their sentiments and got more, much more, than anticipated. One reason why we got such a positive response is that we believe there is a lot about you to love.

Another reason is that we are now able to communicate through social media. Many of our participants sent us why they love you through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It gives me great pleasure to know that our staff — led by one of our newest employees, Lindsey Gooch — took hold of this effort and have coached people (like me) to live in the now, using these instant ways of communicating.

For what we couldn't fit on the printed page, go to #lovecincy on Twitter, Instagram or our Facebook pages to check it out. And yes, please feel free to make any suggestions, comments and why you love Cincy.

So Cincy, here are just some of the reasons why I love you:

The view rising from the escalator heading upstairs to the main lobby of the Museum Center and seeing the murals in the rotunda.

I love the sheer will of local business leaders investing to create a culture of growth and prosperity in Cincinnati. I did myself right by doing a Google search of Smale Riverfront Park and how it came to be.

How cool is it to be in a real beer town? I feel so out of place in a wine bar. When I went to Sonoma, I ate more cheese than drank wine. Now I know why: I am a Cincinnatian. I can't wait for more people like Greg Hardman of Moerlein.

We are a Tristate. Besides some of the company headquarter swapping and "who owns the bridge" talk, I love how NKY has its own identity and how we can all benefit by having luxuries like two, state-funded successful colleges so close in proximity. Insider scoop: You watch as a less talked about southeast Indiana has more development in the next decade.