"Pretty much all the honest truth-telling there is in the world is done by children."

"” Oliver Wendell Holmes

Holmes' observation came in the 1800s, but it remains true today. How often does "out of the mouths of babes" give us pause and bring us squarely back to life as lived in the moment?

After having children, I found many things that had been dormant for years were brought to life. But one thing that had escaped me was the richness of Cincinnati and the Tristate as a place for children. Since I grew up elsewhere, the fact that our region is one of the best places to not only grow up, but to raise kids was new to me.

As a result, it gives me great pleasure to see the growth of our Family Fun guide, in special partnership with the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal, this year. When this idea was hatched a year ago, we figured that since the region overflows with activities and opportunities for children, it was natural to produce an issue filled with information for eager parents and grandparents. Since that inaugural edition last March, we have received repeated requests to do it again. And, we've received many requests for additional copies for clubs and organizations affiliated with our readers.

In addition to the Family Fun guide, we are very proud to launch our inaugural Susan G. Komen for the Cure partnered publication, and also some solid business reporting, including a feature on the University of Cincinnati Goering Center for Family & Private Business that spotlights the positive things this organization is doing for family-owned businesses, their employees and their shared livelihood. You will also see the debut of columnist, Dan Hurley, who will give readers historical perspective about how the city and region that can learn lessons from its past.

Back to the Family Fun guide for a moment: Did we miss a gem that you and your family believe stands out? Please let us know. I am offering a complimentary restaurant gift certificate throughout the month on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/CincyMagazine) for the best idea generated about where to take the family after church on Sunday before most restaurants open at noon. Not only will your feedback improve the publication, but it will also give my family ideas about how to cure the Sunday morning doldrums.

See, Oliver, we adults can be honest too!