Don't you feel that sometimes you just want to get away?

Away from the lawn that won't grow green this year no matter how much we water it.

Away from the nonstop hustle of life.

Away from the routine.

I suggest we all take a long weekend to try something new, to create lasting memories with family and friends.

It's not too good to be true. It may take tough scheduling and a clear goal, but it's worth it. It's OK to start with a small step. Even a Saturday afternoon away can refresh.

At Cincy, we thought the coming of fall would be the perfect time of the year to write a cover story about those unique getaways within a three-hour drive of the city that are just waiting for us to embrace.

Getaways like:

  • Athens, Ohio "” Where time slows while riding the historic passenger cars of the Hocking Valley Scenic Railway or while taking in the country tranquility of the Bunkhouse Bed & Breakfast.
  • Central Kentucky "” Where you can follow the Bourbon Trail and tour the half-dozen distilleries that make the slow-sippin' spirits for which the Commonwealth is famous. Or head to world-renowned Kentucky Horse Park for all things equine.
  • Indianapolis "” Where you can visit the NCAA Hall of Champions or interact with the dolphins at the Indy Zoo.
  • Columbus "” Where you can be enamored with the boutique charm of the German Village Guest House.

And when you get back to town, be sure to catch up on our city's best offerings of the fall by diving into the rest of our annual Fall Spectacular bonus issue, which covers all things arts and culture. The latter part of the year especially offers something to do every evening, and Cincy gives you the inside scoop on all of it.

There's still more. Build your Cincinnati business "cred" by checking out our inaugural publication dedicated to the legacy of those of the P&G Alumni Network and their continuing efforts to build companies and communities.

There's so much to do. It's fall in Cincinnati.