Your Stories, Your Song "” But Cincy is Happy to Sing it

I just asked my parents the other day if they could verify that I actually went with them to see Barry Manilow in concert when I was a child. The memory has always been pretty vivid. I even remember that he was touring with none other than Sha Na Na. Case closed; we did go. I was not older than five or six.

Even though I'm not a huge fan of Barry, his songs still get me feeling a little nostalgic and sappy. I'm hardly alone; he is still playing to sellout crowds in Las Vegas. So, with Barry in mind, this is my message.

You, our readers, have bestowed a gift upon us. This gift is that you subscribe and read our magazine. In return, we invest our passion to create what we hope, month in and month out, are events, a magazine and website that celebrate the arts, businesses and culture of Cincinnati.

At our recent Manny Awards, the audience saw not only the evidence of dreams and hard work, but also heard winners talk about what it takes for a person, team or company to reach success.

Just a few weeks later, we were grateful to be on the receiving end of industry awards.

We are honored that the team producing Cincy and NKY magazines recently won six First Place Awards from the Society of Professional Journalists, specifically:

"¢ Database Reporting for June 2011 Cincy, "Rating the Burbs" to contributing writer Bill Ferguson
and staff.

"¢ Column Writing for "Bronson at Large," a selection of work in Cincy by Contributing Editor Peter Bronson.

"¢ Special Section for July 2011, Cincy's Young Professional Guide, to Managing Editor Tim Curtis and staff.

"¢ Page Design, for August 2011 Cincy, "Best of Cincy" feature by Art Director Kim Cochrane and staff.

"¢ Arts Feature for August 2011 Cincy,
"En Pointe with Poetry" by contributing writer David Lyman.

"¢ Sports Feature for Spring 2011 NKY, "A Crusading Spirit" story by Managing Editor Tim Curtis.

The entries were reviewed and the winners selected by journalists outside of the Cincinnati market. When the results were tallied, we were this year's most-awarded local magazine.

The credit goes to Editor Dianne Gebhardt-French and the entire staff for their hard work and talent (including those ad sales guys). It's a job worthy of a bow.

With that, I bid you happy reading of our "Best of Cincy" issue. Always a fun feature, it lets us explore why we love our region. It's an annual affair of the heart. Thank you for allowing us to continue to capture in print what Barry would sing "those songs of love and special things."