In sports you hear the term "homer." It is used to describe someone who takes a less than objective and perhaps biased view of their team, essentially rooting for it beyond just reporting the play on the field. I'll never forget while living in New York the way the newspapers reported a Yankees loss "” it was always presented as fact that the Yankees made mistakes, never that the team they played was ever any good. This made me angry since I grew up in Ohio and it set me rooting against any of the New York teams in favor of any team from the Midwest.

Now back in my "home turf" I have to admit, I get it. I enjoy hearing the talk and banter that makes us as the Tristate the center of the universe.

The fall season is a great time to root on the home teams and is packed with plenty of activities. With school back in session, it makes you wonder how we can pack so much stuff into just three months as the holidays will be quickly upon us.

This issue of Cincy seems to reflect a great deal of what our hometown has to offer. We have the ATHENA Award with 11 accomplished women who will not fail to inspire with all they do for our community and other women. Other "don't-miss" features include the University of Cincinnati's Homecoming "” be sure to get this one on your calendar because the Bearcats play Louisville downtown at Paul Brown Stadium. The Silver Spoon Awards give our editors their annual shot at calling out the best restaurants for you to get out to and enjoy. And with all this happening, it's good to see we are in good hands with Chief James Craig as the city's new top cop in Peter Bronson's profile as he goes "beyond the résumé."

Of course, there is more than that in this issue, but just like you do with your schedules, I had to pick and choose. With this abundance, I invite you to go ahead and be a confident "homer" "” go out and enjoy and then talk up everything going on. Heck, you might even catch someone walking around from out of town to share this with. Although since they are here already, they must know how good we have it!


We fondly remember Greg Loomis, former managing editor of Cincy Magazine and community activist, who passed away in August.