A name game befitting the Queen City

I will never forget the day I got my high school nickname.

It was the first week after arriving in Northeast Ohio after spending the majority of my childhood in Houston, Texas. At school I asked a group of boys where the lunchroom was, and I addressed them as "ya'll." They obviously thought it was pretty funny. Instead of "Tex," as you might assume, I got the nickname "Ya'll." Pretty literal indeed, and as any nickname that is rightfully given by someone else, it stuck. One thing about a nickname that I have learned through trial and error is that you might as well just go with it, as it is most often a term of endearment.

Cincinnati and the Tristate area carry nicknames identifying us in some form as compared to other cities and regions. One I often hear is the "Queen City." No doubt questions arise about why we are called this. It seems that in the early 19th century, visitors were so astonished at our rapid growth that they referred to us as the "Queen City," or "Queen of the West" "” a city to be emulated as progress moved west through the country. Travelling comedians like The Second City act, currently performing at the Playhouse in the Park, should have plenty of material to work with off this nickname.

An out-of-town guest of mine recently interpreted the nickname as a reflection of our conservative nature, suggesting we perhaps mirror the stately Queen Elizabeth. Okay, I can't vouch for my friend's reasoning, but I suggest we take his version and run with it. Being "a stately conservative" right now might not be such a bad thing. After all, the majority of the country just voted overwhelmingly for conservatives, including Cincinnati's Rob Portman, for Senate, and John Boehner, the projected speaker of the House. Kentucky's Mitch McConnell, the Senate minority leader, also calls this region home. The Tristate is destined to have more media exposure as a result of the power shift. Here's hoping for good things as a result.

There is no doubt that the new Great American Tower with its tiara lit up made my night watching Monday Night Football a couple of weeks ago. This structure's design was a well-executed homage to our "Queen City" history. A resounding kudos to Western & Southern Financial Group for "owning it."

I hope that you enjoy this issue and its Best Doctors in America feature, our annual review of the exclusive list of some of the most prestigious physicians throughout the Tristate. The question I raise is, which hospital will first use the phrase "Queen of Hearts" in its efforts here in the Queen City? If I were them, I would act quickly on those naming rights "” supposedly we do have a casino coming.