The quote "Nothing happens until something moves" is the slogan of the U.S. Army Transportation Corps, the branch I served in years ago. Of course, when I was in active duty and much younger, several of the mottos like this used to find their way into the butt of jokes. For instance, say if you saw the General's vehicle accidentally back over a "Port-a-potty"(thankfully with nobody in it), when describing this accident to your friends, you would ad lib and swear that you heard him say as he got out of the vehicle, "Well, nothing happens until something moves."

This slogan must have made an impact, as I obviously remember it. I found out later that the phrase can be attributed to Albert Einstein. I find that much of this month's issue and the features we have tell of how we, as a Tristate region, are poised for a lot of movement "” much of which has already started.

I can't tell you how energized the whole staff was when John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, gave us the go-ahead for the exclusive interview with him at his home. He represents our region on a grand scale, drawing the likes of Diane Sawyer to interview him here.

What excites me about Boehner is how he seems to be the embodiment of who we are now as a Tristate region. Growing up in Cincinnati, one of "The Men of Moeller," he seems to be very representative of the hard-working core of our city. Now residing in Butler County, he leads in areas like West Chester, where growth and business opportunities for the new and established mix at a quicker pace.

Another local leader, Chiquita CEO Fernando Aguirre, headlines the Unsung Hero Award & Scholarship event on Feb. 18 at Cincinnati State. You might have seen him recently on the show Undercover Boss. My family did, and we were struck by what an interesting story he had personally about coming from Mexico and wishing his employees the opportunity of the "American Dream." You will see the feature on him and the Unsung Hero winners in this edition as well.

I just find it fascinating as a comparison how uniquely different Aguirre and Boehner are, but both are spearheading efforts with national importance and visibility. So as we move together as a region, so does our country. No magazine issue to date has made me prouder of our entire staff as they stayed at work the entire weekend before press to "get it right." So if you feel inspired, go out an buy another copy for a friend "” I think this one is a keeper. Well, go ahead, as nothing happens until something moves.