I have been told that I am a “late adopter.” This would be a valid assessment. As an example, I just got my first iPhone within the last year. Once I got my iPhone, I soon started asking what I did prior without it. My Audible app that allows me to listen to books on tape is now more valuable to me than much of what we own in our house. I am sure I would part ways with the majority of the stuff we have in our basement before I would sacrifice my daily time listening to my books while running or driving around town.

I have also found myself recently getting interested in things like calorie counts, ingredients and other personal things around my general health. It’s another national norm and I, like usual, am playing catch up. You can see it all around us—fresh food choices galore, personal health trackers counting our steps and new studies every day waking us up to some things that just a few years were accepted as the norm but now are no longer considered healthy or at least should be taken in moderation.

For us at Cincy, we find we are best serving you, our readers, when we can provide local content that you care about, and that we have a unique ability to provide. Many things we adopt as cover stories can reflect national trends, and some are uniquely related to the Tristate region. This is why we are so excited to knock out two birds with one stone, as they say, and present to you our inaugural Live Well Cincy cover story in a special partnership with Heart Mini and the American Heart Association. We’ve seen your interest in covering health trends with a local perspective, as it provides information for your personal health and wellness activities that are here in the Tristate. We hope that we can get your feedback and participation, as Live Well is more than this feature—we’ll also be serving up digital Live Well Cincy content on a consistent basis. 

So in keeping with the trend I have established time and time again—that is to share more than solicited—my current audio book is Wake Up Happy by Michael Strahan. I wanted to learn more about him as I have marveled at his talents, and even more now since leaving the gridiron. He speaks of how he continues his regimen of working hard and the preparedness needed in his new endeavors. Knowing this, I am sure he found out that the title Live Well (Cincy) was taken.