Kathy Dietrich
Recruitment Coordinator
McAuley High School

I’m evaluating private high schools for my daughter. Should I focus on a comparing schools’ academic programs?
An ideal environment for young women will allow them to balance the many factors that are important to their development. McAuley High School emphasizes a challenging academic curriculum that will help students reach their full academic potential and a faith-filled community that will nurture their spiritual side, as well as plenty of clubs, activities and athletics that give them the freedom to become the well-rounded women they want to be.
Sr. Rita Sturwold
Mount Notre Dame High School

What are some of the advantages one can expect from the investment in a private education?
(Private education offers) individualized attention, more preparation for the demands of college and the professional world through curricular and co-curricular opportunities, and, in the case of single-gendered schools, empowerment. Private schools afford their students a much smaller student-teacher ratio. This not only allows for more one-on-one time with an instructor, but also helps faculty members ensure they are assisting each student in achieving his or her personal goals.

Fr. Bill Farris
Roger Bacon High School
How much should campus amenities factor in to my choice of private school?
Renovations or expansions on a campus may be signs of growth and investment in new technology, which can enable schools to better serve students. This fall, Roger Bacon will open a new media center, art rooms, a guidance conference center, and install new field turf. However, just as important as our physical campus are Roger Bacon’s Franciscan spirit, outstanding faculty, rigorous and relevant curriculum, family-like atmosphere, and strategic guidance department.