As bullying continues to be a hot topic in today’s world, The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati’s Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical is bringing colorful history lesson to the stage for children in the Cincinnati area. 
“There is an anti-bullying message throughout the musical,” says Roderick Justice, the producing artistic director for Polkadots: The Cool Kids Musical. 
This musical uses shapes to display the segregation of students in the 1950s. The musical was inspired by Civil Right pioneers Ruby Bridges and The Little Rock Nine. 
“This musical helps us understand other people’s perspective,” Justice says. 
The musical follows 8-year-old Lily Polkadot. She just moved to the square-only school, and is the first and only polkadot at the school. She is bullied by her peers until she makes an unexpected friend. 
On Saturday, March 24, audiences will be able to view a special experience. Carlotta Walls LaNier will be attending a very special Q&A and talkback after the 5 p.m. performance of the show. Carlotta Walls LaNier was 14 when she integrated Little Rock Central High School. This makes her the youngest member of the Little Rock Nine. The Little Rock Nine were assembled after the Supreme Court ruled that segregation of America’s public schools was unconstitutional. Before this ruling, many states had mandatory segregation laws that required African-American and white children to attend different schools. 
Tickets for this special talkback & Q&A are $30 and are now on sale.