How many times have you heard someone say, “That house iswaaay overpriced”? Now you can do something about it.

“Price Me Now” is a new online game that allows real estate insiders and outsiders to predict the prices that on-the-market properties in the area will fetch.

Players calculate competitive “PropertyIQ” points based on the actual list price, the price other gamers suggest and the eventual sale price. The game is exclusive for Comey & Shepherd listings in Cincinnati.

“Everybody likes to be an armchair real estate person. This mimics what happens in real life,” says Scott Nelson, Comey CEO.

Alison Warm Moss, a Comey sales agent, and her husband, Randy, convinced the firm to invest in the game. She says the game helps give her feedback on what the community is willing to pay for her properties.

Chuck Teller, an Amberley native and CEO of Realius — a California-based creator of real-world games for various markets — created “Price Me Now.” “If we build a game around real-world data that people will really use, then they begin to understand the data,” Teller says.

Originally launched in the San Francisco Bay area in January, “Price Me Now” launched in Cincinnati in June. You can also play in a few other markets, including Boston and Seattle.

Randy Moss sees the bigger picture of games such as “Price Me Now.” The game creates a community that understands what its neighborhood values are, he says. “If those people voiced their opinions, they could shape the entire community.”

You can check out “Price Me Now” at