This story about the possible move of Playhouse in the Park (“Mount Drama,” December) was nicely comprehensive in examining the issue from a variety of viewpoints. I sensed that in an average-sized city like this one, many of the comments were guarded or diplomatic in order to preserve working relationships.

Not a bad thing, but the move would do more harm than good to the city, which really must be our larger, shared concern.

In our recent (15-20) year history we have sacrificed a lot of lambs on the altar of “saving Downtown,” and this will be another. City Manager Milton Dohoney Jr. captured it nicely by saying we don’t have a plan for depriving Eden Park/Mount Adams of a vital force in order to move it 10 minutes away. I think we should be considering, rather, a park board-sponsored shuttle bus to and from Downtown arts and Eden Park. Also, existing Downtown venues like Music Hall shouldn’t be further cannibalized by moving the opera around willy-nilly.

As for Ed Stern’s concerns about younger theatergoers, I think a stimulating performing season would draw them no matter where the Playhouse is located.