Joe Seta's collection includes a ceramic Greek wedding urn, circa 500 B.C.Presidential signatures are part of Seta's collection.

Seta at his desk with historic memorabilia.

To say Joe Seta is a history buff is an understatement. To call him an art enthusiast doesn't scratch the surface. Really, there's no one title that encompasses this eclectic collector.

The corridors of Seta's Cincinnati home feature a rare blend of original paintings, ceramics, firearms, photographs and historical memorabilia. Rookwood pottery. Picasso. Chang. Salvador Dali. You name it and Seta probably has it displayed or hanging somewhere.

"My wife, Margaret, once counted how many things we have up on the wall, and she said we have over 300 pieces of art or historical memorabilia hanging up on our walls," he remarks. "That was a while ago. There are probably about 400 pieces now."

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