Five days after Thomas J. Wurtz's first daughter was born, his own father died of a heart attack at age 57. In 1993, at 37, Wurtz himself suffered a massive heart attack "and died"”several times," before he was saved through open-heart surgery.

Wurtz's three daughters never knew their grandfather or experienced his wisdom. After his near-death experience, Wurtz realized he, too, might never know his own grandkids or enjoy his autumn years with his wife, Barb.

The "writing on the wall" inspired him to write a book. Punching away with two fingers, without benefit of a ghostwriter or editor, Tom Wurtz composed The Eagle Within: Success Principles From A Simple American, and self-published the 238-page volume through AuthorHouse. Now his progeny will know what he learned about life and business, and the values that sustained him.

Wurtz, 50, is president and chief operating officer of the Sheakley Group of Companies, headquartered in Sharonville. Founded in 1963, Sheakley provides integrated payroll-related services for small to mid-sized companies. Its specialties ...

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