Cincinnati ranked 8th in pet-friendliness, providing plenty of play space for puppies.
The skyline is just one of the things that made Cincinnati a top travel
destination in 2017. The dogs are a bonus.

Parks around the city give pet owners places to bring their four-legged friends.

As the 13th best city for an active lifestyle, Cincinnati provides plenty of opportunities to get moving

Cincinnati has a lot going for it. We know this from our daily lives – each time we see our beautiful skyline, with every touchdown the Bengals make, even every time we experience the “problem” of having too many choices for a dinner out on the town, we know that Cincinnati is, well, great.

But thanks to research by WalletHub and Travel + Leisure, we can rest easy knowing that independent data backs up what we knew all along.

The Queen City is the 13th best U.S. city for an active lifestyle, according to a 2017 study by WalletHub. It could be the beautiful parks, offering plenty of running and walking paths. Or it could be the rolling hills, which provide Cincinnati with its own built-in fitness challenges.

WalletHub also ranked Cincinnati 8th in the country for pet-friendliness, according to a 2016 survey of pet-friendly cities. One look around Washington Park’s 12,000 square-foot dog park will confirm that the Queen City welcomes its four-legged friends.

But while we love our city, the rest of the world does too. Travel + Leisure ranked Cincinnati one of the 50 best places to travel in 2017, citing Over-the-Rhine’s boutiques, the new streetcar and downtown’s stunning architecture, which has attracted filmmakers interested in capturing Cincinnati’s Art Deco aesthetic. With a stunning skyline to welcome visitors and an endless list of museums, shops, restaurants and sights, Cincinnati is being given its due.