2007 Manny Award Winner!

Company name: Sweco
City, State : Florence, Kentucky 
Public or private company : Public (NYSE : SII )
Founded: 1917
Number of local employees : 350
CEO/President: Brenda Beers
Web site address: www.sweco.com
What they manufacture : Industrial sifting and separation equipment

Meeting Demands

Sweco's workforce has increased by 20 percent since 2006

Sweco Company, a manufacturer of industrial sifting and separation equipment, has added 57 new positions to its Florence location within the last 15 months. New positions continue to develop.

"Our growth will continue, not only with bricks and mortar but with the development of our employees and our product offerings," notes Mark Weber, vice president of human resources. The new employee growth is primarily due to the transfer of manufacturing to the location by parent company Smith International (SII) over the past few years.

"The growth in both the industrial and oilfield markets have required us to develop new technology to meet the ever-increasing demands in the business for both reliable and the highest quality equipment," Weber says.

Sweco started out as an engineering firm in 1917. Now, it has 11 manufacturing facilities around the world.

"” Stephanie Spiker