2007 Manny Award Winner!

Company name: Odom Industries, Inc .
City, state: Milford, Ohio
Public or private company : Private
Founded : 2001
Number of local emp loyees: 58
CEO/President : Tim Odom
Web site add ress: www.odomindustries.com
What they manufacture: Pressure vessels and pressure vessel parts

Riding the Wave

Odom Industries finds its niche in custom metal parts

Tim Odom started Odom Industries at the end of the worst downturn for the steel industry in the past century. Odom describes the beginning of his company in 2001 as "me in my basement." The company grossed $750,000 its first year.

This year, Odom Industries is on track to gross $18 to 20 million, and its staff of 58 continues to grow. Odom credits his company's success to diversification, something he insisted upon after witnessing his previous employers in the steel fabrication industry stick to one key market and fail when the market struggled.

"We've worked hard to make sure we're a key player in four to five markets," he says. Odom makes custom parts for industries including steel, oil, power generation, pharmaceuticals, food service and water storage. "It just so happens that most of our markets are booming right now. We've been able to ride that wave."

Odom also has been successful in establishing strategic alliances with key customers, such as AK Steel, and enjoys a good relationship with its community in Clermont County, where it moved in July 2005.