2007 Manny Award Winner!

Company name: Lafarge North America, Inc.
City, state : Silver Grove, Kentucky
Public or private company : Public
Founded: 1833
Number of local Employees : 205
CEO/President: Bruno Lafont
Web site address: www.lafarge.com
What they manufacture: Wallboard, building products

Corporate Citizen

Lafarge North America won over heart of town

Lafarge North America, Inc. received a lot of negative media attention when it moved to the small town of Silver Grove seven years ago. Many local residents were wary of the changes the building materials plant could bring. Today, residents' opinions have changed drastically and Lafarge prides itself on being a leading member in the Silver Grove community.

"Although we faced initial challenges with the community," explains operations manager Craig Ferry, "our responses have shown that we are committed to being the best corporate citizen to Silver Grove and Campbell County."

The company has purchased a training simulator for the local fire department, helped out the local convent, and created an outdoor learning center and wildlife habitat that encompasses half of the 200 acres of property at the Silver Grove plant. "The best thing about this project is that it is not just a program. It is something that our employees have really put their hearts into," notes Scott Walton, a Lafarge safety manager.