2007 Manny Award Winner!

Company name: Kaivac Inc.
City, State : Hamilton, Ohio
Public or private company : Private
Founded : 1998
Number of local employees : 40
President/CEO : Robert Robinson
Web site address: www.kaivac.com
What they manufacture: Cleaning devices

Hands-off Cleaning

Kaivac's new systems save customers time

The no-touch cleaning devices created by Kaivac Inc. are not an untouchable tool of the future. They are the cleaning devices of the "right now," and the demand for such a high-quality, no-muss, no-fuss kind of tool is why this company keeps coming out with new models to keep its customers satisfied.

The "black box" on the new Kaivac 1700 series is what will have customers jumping for joy. The new system is beneficial for service repair advantages. Instead of sending out a technician for repairs, the customer simply mails the black box back to Kaivac and in return Kaivac overnights a new one to the customer. All of the necessary components to run the hands-free cleaning device are in the black box.

The 1700 series is lighter than the company's previous inventions, improved because this one was engineered to have a greater capacity with a smaller size. "Most new systems usually take a year or two to really take off, but 75 percent of our orders are for the new 1700 series already," says Tom Morrison, vice president of marketing.

The hands-free cleaning devices are for industrial bathrooms, but not limited to just that. They can also clean floors, walls and windows. A Kaivac system cuts cleaning time in half for customers, plus they don't have to get their hands dirty when cleaning public restrooms. Consequently, many customers now use Kaivac systems in place of auto scrubbers, carpet extractors, dry and wet vacuums, grout machines, mops, buckets and more.