2007 Manny Award Winner!

Company name: General Data Company, Inc.
City, state : Cincinnati, Ohio
Public or private company : Private
Founded : 1981
Number of local employees: 175
CEO/President : Peter M. Wenzel
Web site address : www.general-data.com
What they manufacture: labels and tags, medical wristbands, laboratory specimen tracking systems, industrial bar-coding.

Reducing Error, Saving Lives

General Data Company, In c. product puts labs on leading edge of technology

A new product developed by General Data Company, Inc. could reduce the number of people who die each year from preventable medical errors.

The StainerShield Laboratory Specimen & Identification & Error-Proofing Systems gives health labs a reliable means to use bar code technology as the foundation of an overall error-reduction and patient safety initiative. The system is one of the biggest breakthroughs celebrated by General Data, with revenues of $40 million last year, and is now a world leader for error-proofing and workflow management for pathology labs.

Lab technicians used to have to write 15 character codes onto test slides and tissue cassettes by hand, which left an alarming amount of room for human error. With the StainerShield System, "work in progress tracking" scans and tracks the specimen through each step of the process.

Pete Wenzel, president of General Data, explains, "The primary challenge [in regards to our laboratory system] was inventing a new concept and product that did not exist." The product was developed through a long sequence of trial and error.

"The [StainerShield] system has put our lab on the leading edge of a technology wave that truly is the future of the industry," says Stephen Neuman, manager of anatomic pathology at the TriCore Reference Laboratories.

"” Alisia Sullivan