2007 Manny Award Winner!

Company name: Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc.
City, state
: Deerfield, Illinois Public or private company: Owned by Fortune Brands
Founded : 1795
Number of local employees : 180
CEO/President : Tom Flocco
Web site address: www.beamglobal.com
What they manufacture
: spirits and wine

Eliminating Waste

Beam Global changed its corporate culture to increase efficiency

A visible landmark off I-75, Beam Global Spirits & Wine, Inc. has been producing alcoholic beverages for the past 40 years. The biggest obstacle to increased profitability for Beam, the largest volume producer of cordials and liqueurs in North America, including those sold under the DeKuyper name, was the company's unchanging corporate culture.

Beam Global executives acknowledged this need for change after the acquisition of several leading spirit and wine brands in 2005. They decided to partner with TechSolve to build an entirely new corporate culture: one of continuous improvement.

"Our plant moved from a process improvement driven culture to a process waste elimination organization," explains Wayne Conover, continuous improvement manager for the company. "Rather than investing time figuring out one process for all situations, we learned to apply a more custom approach that focuses on identifying and removing the greatest hurdles."

In a business where time is money, it is critical to evaluate performance and efficiency. Beam Global Spirits and Wine, Inc. noticed a lack of efficiency and a need for change. Its transition towards a new corporate culture has helped increase profitability.