2007 Manny Award Winner!

Company name : American Micro Products
City, State : Batavia, Ohio
Public or Private Co mpany: Private
Founded: 1957
Number of local employees : 300
CEO/President: Pierre A. Paroz
Web site address : www.american-micro.com
What they manufacture: Precision parts

Growing A Dream

American Micro Products will add up to 50 new employees next year

Gerard Paroz, a Swiss immigrant, founded American Micro Products in 1957. He was after his own interpretation of the American dream, and sought to supply the local business community with high precision machined parts using his knowledge of Swiss turning technology.

The company relocated its Cincinnati facilities to Batavia in 1996, when its growing customer base was grew too much for the original offices.

American Micro Products is the global leader in precision machined components. Their product ranges from .004 to 3 inches and are used in a wide variety of devices from diesel engines to cochlear implants.

The new larger plant facility will not only be able to produce larger quantities of products to the ever-demanding customers, but will be a new home to more employees. AMP is looking to add at least 30 to 50 new employees at its facility in Union Township, Clermont County, within the next year.

To ensure that all of the employees will be c ompl e t e l y ready to take on their new tasks with AMP, a full-time technical trainer has also been hired to train those who will be working on highly specialized machines.