Graphic design and rabbits don’t have much in common — unless you’re Mark Kerley.“Being a designer, you have to have that extra edge,” he says. And for him, that edge is house rabbits. Kerley, owner of Lucky Rabbit Studio in Bellevue, donates 5 percent of all profits toward the rescue and adoption of house rabbits.

After working at Drees Homes for more than 12 years, Kerley was ready to get out of the corporate environment and unleash his creativity. About a year and a half ago, he started Lucky Rabbit Studio, which offers affordable graphic design for smaller businesses.

Kerley’s own rescued house rabbit, Sophie, was the inspiration behind the rabbit theme. “She probably ran by asking for treats — she likes kale and parsley — and it all came together. As I thought about it, it is an interesting thing and a conversation piece ... it’s a fun and zen-sounding name. People come up and just start talking because they’re curious. And they remember it — ‘Oh, you’re the guy with the rabbits!’”

“Most people aren’t aware that rabbits are intelligent, social creatures that enjoy exercise, toys and social interaction,” reads Kerley’s web site, www.luckyrabbitstudio. com. Rabbits can be trained to use litter boxes, come when their names are called, and do simple tricks. The House Rabbit Society is a national, nonprofit organization that finds adoptive homes for abandoned house rabbits.

“I get a lot of calls from people who have rabbit questions,” Kerley says, and he certainly doesn’t mind them. “It’s not just me designing, which I love to do, and it’s not just me making money, which I need to do. It makes me happy that I’m working with the House Rabbit Society.”

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