Best Ambassador of Funk
It's Bootsy Baby! He makes us dance, he makes us smile, he makes us want to shout. Bootsy Collins is a bass guitarist who started his run to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on stage with James Brown. He has been blinding us since with his sequins, talent, and star guitar "Space Bass." Funk is not an option.
"I love Cincinnati because it is where I grew up and I feel the people here in my hometown. I am on a mission to help make a change for people hurting from losing loved ones to just straight up homeless. It is an honor for me to give back to people because I am always looking at where I came from." "”Bootsy Collins
Best Foot Forward
The stunning $72 million School for Creative & Performing Arts in Over-the-Rhine shows off Cincinnati's love affair with the arts, commitment to education, and dedication to a classic, but challenged, neighborhood. Paid for by public money, private and business donations, and gifts from arts patrons, the nation's first public K-12 arts school opens this month.

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