Considering advanced business education? You might want to have a passport ready. Manufacturing and outsourcing in Asia is just one example of how globalization has changed how we do business at home, says Dr. Susan Sadlier, director of international programs for the University of Cincinnati. “Students realize that they must have knowledge of these markets if they are to succeed in today’s world,” she says.
Tristate colleges and universities are helping prepare students for success in this globalized business world and other changing markets with a variety of classes and schedules, and business students are increasingly taking opportunities to travel abroad.

Education for a global marketplace
The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC), a not-for-profit association of leading business schools with members worldwide, discussed industry trends at its 2007 conference. The effects of globalization on teaching and delivery at business graduate schools were predicted to be significant; short class trips will necessarily become longer, and international educational partnerships and alliances will continue to increase.