‘The Godfather’
Your sit-down with Jeff Ruby (“The Godfather,” August) made an enjoyable read! I’ve never met him, never talked to him, and have never seen him — but I’ve always wanted to know more about him and, thanks to you, now I do.
 Sounds like an entertaining guy to spend a few hours with.
— Debi O’Dell
Diamond Properties

‘Highway Robbery’
Your article in the May 2007 issue titled “True Crime, Highway Robbery” is disturbing to this little community.
In our town, the policy is that no officer goes out looking for the “quota” tickets he or she can write. Of course, there are citizens who become angry after receiving a ticket. That’s why they come to court to contest the ticket.
We have been following the comments made by Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Thomas Moyer and feel certain that it his wish to do away with Mayor’s Courts in Ohio altogether. How sad that our fate lies in the hands of those who have been elected. Those in power possess a one-sided view of the whole picture. In 2005, our village grossed $21,271. After sending the state of Ohio its share, we netted $13,342. If we were out to “get rich” off these tickets, then somewhere along the way we erred. This small fortune helps fund the police department and court personnel.
— Ray Hesler
Chief of Police
Felicity Police Department

The August feature on Christopher Muth of Greenebaum, Doll & McDonald (“Leading Legally”) was photographed by Mary Strubbe.