Thanks for High Quality

I just returned from some extensive travel abroad and was catching up on my mail and read over the current issue of Cincy Magazine (Dec/Jan). Outstanding issue! It is really great to see what the hard work of you and your excellent team have achieved. The evolution of the magazine, your commitment to the community, and your support for the Manny, Athena, and other awards and events, special issues and more is truly an asset to the region. You should be proud of the accomplishment and I know the Tristate is fortunate to have such a high-quality publication in its midst.

Charles H. Matthews, Ph.D.
Professor of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management,
University of Cincinnati

Bring Back Tall Stacks

I am reading the current edition of Cincy and am thankful to get an update
regarding Tall Stacks (“Is Tall Stacks Sunk?” Dec 09/Jan 10). Unfortunately, it was not the update I was looking/hoping for.

I am with a small telecommunications and technology consulting firm (26 employees today, about 17 when the last Tall Stacks was in town), but we hosted a client dinner on a riverboat in 2006 and it was a big hit. We have been looking forward to Tall Stacks’ return so we can host another event since it was so popular.

I understand the event itself lost money in 2006, but I would guess that the city and the region saw a very favorable economic impact from it in 2006 and in previous years.

The article encouraged readers to drop a line if they would like to see Tall Stacks come back, and I and my coworkers would like to be on that list.

Brian Hubers, MTCI
Business Communications Solutions

A Festival Worth Fighting For

I am saddened to hear of the potential demise of the Cincinnati Tall Stacks. I have incredibly fond memories of attending the event with my family. I agree that this is an event worth fighting for.

Edward J. Boll III, Esq.
Lerner, Sampson & Rothfuss LPA