Having a Heart
I appreciate so much the number of pages dedicated to fighting heart disease through The Heart Ball, Go Red for Women and the Heart Mini-Marathon (in the April/May issue ofCincy).
Marianne Ivey
The Health Alliance
“X” Marks the Spot
What a wonderful article inCincy magazine (“Dramatic Doings,” April/May). Aside from everything being accurate, it was a great article and gives Xavier a nice pat on the back for allowing me to do this kind of “cutting edge” work without any interference.
Cathy Springfield
Director for Performing Arts
Xavier University
Stars of Cable Access
Your story on the “Stars of Cable Access” (February/March) was excellent. Cable access gives everyone an opportunity to tell their story over the airwaves. It is a credit to a free society that we have the means to speak to a larger audience about our interests and concerns. It is true that cable access often lacks the production value of commercial television. Because, however, it is not profit driven, it has the ability to achieve a level of honesty that is so often lacking in commercial TV.
John Louis

Thank you for the recent article regarding the “Stars of Public Access Television.” The article did a great job highlighting the variety of people and programming that are featured on public access television. Public access television is a tremendous resource that affords everyone the ability to produce their own show. My daughters who were featured in the article have had a wonderful experience working with all of the great staff at Anderson Community Television.These experiences are life shaping and I can only hope that others will take advantage of the opportunity.
Barry A. Peterson

Private Capital Solutions
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