The Power 100
I got a kick out of your Power 100 list (February) and was surprised by some of your choices. But you had a lot of the same dinosaurs back again. Are they as powerful as you think, or just riding on their old reputations?
Don Kasten

Dining Recommendations
Thoroughly enjoyed your February magazine. Actually read it from cover to cover.
I would respectfully like to suggest a very modest tweaking in your dining list, which started on page 20. Under “Downtown,” please consider Roma’s Restaurant on Walnut Street, and Sung Korean Bistro at Seventh and Elm.
Under “East,” please also consider Daveed’s on Hatch Street and Teak Thai on St. Gregory Street, both in Mount Adams.
Neil K. Bortz
Towne Properties

Well Done
 I just opened my Cincy magazine and read the review of the new Chart House. I just wanted to compliment Ava Pastrana for a job well done. I read the piece through and realized at the end what a pleasurable piece of writing it was. It evokes just the mood a Valentine’s Day occasion should, at the same time furnishing me all the information I need to make a new restaurant discovery. Well done.
As occasional diners who generally dine at The Celestial on special occasions, I am now sorely tempted to try the Chart House next time we dine in Cincinnati.
Steve Boehme, owner
GoodSeed Farm
Peebles, Ohio

EDITOR’S NOTE: The introduction to our “Romantic Dining” list in February gave a nod to Daveed’s. Readers’ suggestions about area dining may be e-mailed to:

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