I must say that I was disappointed that you did not list any local adult emergency physicians as a Cincy “Best Doctor” (August 2008). I happen to be an emergency physician and work closely with many of the physicians profiled. The only emergency medicine physician noted was Dr. Richard M. Ruddy at Children’s Hospital. I find it difficult to comprehend that none of my peers nominated a single adult emergency physician worthy of mention.

Many individuals outside of the medical arena might not appreciate the service that is provided by all of the emergency departments throughout the metropolitan area until they need those services. Emergency medicine provides more care to the indigent than any other specialty. Emergency medicine provides care to those in dire need when they cannot see their “Best Doctor” because it is after hours or they have no availabilities in their busy schedules. Emergency medicine provides care to those who have no one to help them and simply do not know where to go.

The value that emergency services provides the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area, and other communities across the country, is immeasurable. Health care is one of the major issues in the upcoming presidential election. Emergency medicine provides the safety net for the entire community’s, and actually the entire country’s, healthcare system.
Robert C. Pence, MD

EDITOR NOTE: The Best Doctors list published in Cincy is compiled by Best Doctors In America Inc. This magazine is not permitted to add physicians to that list. Best Doctors welcomes suggestions for improving its list and the nomination process. E-mail those suggestions to

Thank you for the motivating story on Rev. Wendell Mettey and Matthew 25: Ministries (“Save the World and Pay the Light Bill,” June/July 2008). Wendell and I grew up together, and he is one of the most inspirational people I know. I’m glad that the rest of the Cincinnati USA community had an opportunity to learn about his humanitarian and entrepreneurial passion from your story.
Gene Young, President
Justice & Young

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