In your story about talk radio influencing the presidential election (“Shock or Schlock?” May), Bill Cunningham says: “It’s not about politics, it’s about entertainment, and politics is just one of the acts that a good ringmaster brings on stage.”

I’ve been listening to Rush Limbaugh bragging about the success of his “Operation Chaos.” He urges Republicans to switch over and vote for Hillary Clinton in the primaries, because Limbaugh and others think a Clinton-McCain contest would get more Republican voters out, and that she’d be easier to beat than Barack Obama.

Your story said there were 164,702 Democratic ballots cast in this year’s primary in Hamilton County, and only 56,284 Democratic ballots in the 2004 primary. That’s a huge difference!

Seems to me there’s more than entertainment going on here, Mr. Cunningham. Looks more like political chaos than a political circus.

Ed Burleigh, Colerain Twp.


As an Anderson Township resident, I have to ask how can Anderson be ranked 4th in Safety, 5th in Education, and 8th in growth of 5-year median home prices, but not be in the Top 10? (“Rating the Burbs,” April). And, if you include some

of intangibles that you listed like access to outstanding parks and community centers, my argument is even more valid. I guess I could also mention one of the state’s top run governments, diversity of living options, and pioneering Greenspace program, but that would probably be rubbing it in ....

Joshua S. Gerth, Vice President
Great Lakes Region, Corporate Real Estate Services
The Staubauch Company


In “Rating the Burbs” (April), Terrace Park’s crime statistics for 2007 should have read 8 thefts and 0 burglaries, auto thefts, murders, rapes, assaults and robberies.

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