Auditor says County Government not Redundant

Here we go again. Whenever there is disagreement or dissension at any level of government, the proposals to eliminate it by big government charlatans rise anew.

The latest example is attorney Don Mooney's misguided idea that "doing away with county government" will usher in an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity ("Chop the Counties," December).

Counties are limited forms of government.  County commissioners can't pass laws. Who or what would perform the county functions in its absence?  While counties are instrumentalities of the state, they are a far sight closer to the people than the distant structure in Columbus.

  He suggests the state auditor should appraise all property in Ohio. Right. In his spare time. Who would audit the state auditor in these roles?  Forget about separation of powers and checks and balances.  We have no need of either in the "perfect, non-county world" Mr. Mooney envisions. 

All the work and services these county offices perform still have to be done.  You would have to pay someone to do it, whether they retired and come back to work or not. 

 Meanwhile, thanks to Mr. Mooney for proposing a tantalizing hint of his brave new world where voters no longer elect officials, and those making decisions do not have to be accountable.  It's too bad he doesn't acknowledge the tremendous cost and inefficiency attending his dreams.  

Dusty Rhodes

Hamilton County Auditor since 1991 

CORRECTION: The Dearborn Community Foundation's Paul E. "Truck" Tremain Memorial Scholarship is open to Lawrenceburg High School students. Eligibility was incorrectly described in "Doing Business in Southeast Indiana" (November Cincy).