The No. 1 Burb
On behalf of Montgomery City Council and staff, thank you for the honor of being ranked the No. 1 suburb byCincy! (“Rating the Burbs,” April).
We here in Montgomery have worked very hard together as a team through careful planning to create a beautiful community for our residents and business owners. We are thrilled at the distinction and, while we think we are pretty special, it is wonderful to know that others think so too! Thanks again!
Gerri Harbison,
Mayor, City of Montgomery
I read your latest issue, and the article on the local suburbs was very curious. I know hundreds of business professionals that live in some very nice suburbs in western Hamilton County, with great schools, affordable housing and very safe neighborhoods. Yet none of these communities were even ranked.
It is obvious that the magazine’s lack of research has become a credibility issue.
John Kennedy, Cleves

EDITOR’S NOTE: We encourage readers to revisit the article “What About Western Hills?” on our web site. “Rating the Burbs” is attracting spirited comments in the online version. Some readers had not yet seen the full list of 42 communities, and objected to the omission of places that did make that total list. Here’s a sampling of their opinions:

• Does this mean only rich neighborhoods are desirable neighborhoods? North College Hill has retired people, families where one parent can stay home to raise the kids, and young people buying that first house, creating a great neighborhood where people actually know each other.
• What about Green Township? Lived here all my life and raised all my children. Great schools and police and fire departments.
• Most of the comments listed are complaining about their favorite area isn’t listed. Mine isn’t, either, but we should all be thrilled to not be included in the list. That way we can keep our favorite areas to ourselves!
• It seems to me the list is rather “snobbish.” How did the author really miss several family-friendly townships and desired communities, i.e. Anderson Township, Delhi Township, Harrison etc.? All have great schools, affordable choices in housing and safety (police, fire and EMS). The list is a JOKE!

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The root of the Dolsot Bibimbab dish in the Cincy Chef Choices feature in April was Korean, not Vietnamese.