I’m not surprised that Westwood ranks No. 1 in auto thefts (“Gone in 60 Seconds,” October/November). Not enough people realize that this community, which used to be tranquil and a great place to raise a family, is getting hijacked by thugs. It’s one of the biggest unreported stories in this town.
Jack Hein
Green Township

‘Emotional Assets’
We were especially taken with your October “Emotional Assets” article. Gaining clarity around estate roles and responsibilities and discussing the distribution of family assets is a process we drive with our clients and their families. After estate documents are signed, we hold family meetings with all the appropriate family members (typically parents and children) to encourage open communication and educate family members on responsibilities entailed with being an executor, healthcare power of attorney, living will notification appointee, trustee, foundation or donor advised fund successor advisor, etc.  
Thomas E. Bentley
Senior Manager, Wealth Advisory Services
Truepoint Capital, LLC

Colorful Downtown
Recently, my husband and I decided to have dinner downtown before a Reds game. The new lighted wall on Fountain Square is cool, and we were surprised at how many people were out that evening. We saw the Stanczak op-art wall on Sixth Street, which I read about in your “Cincy Agenda” (September 2007). Downtown is looking more colorful, and more people are having fun there.
Dianne Kovach

A big thanks to Cincy magazine for the ATHENA Awards (October/November). All of those finalists are admirable women in so many ways, and I hope they inspire many others to follow their lead.
Jacqueline Miller
Burlington, Ky.

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