What About Taxes?

Thank you for another informative article on the area's various neighborhoods (June Cincy "Rating the Burbs.")

I am not quite certain how property taxes factor into your rating system, but this provides an incomplete look at neighborhoods. Many unincorporated areas have no local income or school earnings taxes, making them a less expensive area to live. In order to accurately evaluate communities, either no taxes should be considered or all should be included. My husband and I both live and work in the West Chester area, saving us considerable money each year.

Joan Powell
West Chester

Safety Rating Misleading

In your "Rating the Burbs" report, you accurately rate Evendale as the #6 best place to live on your list, but the rating of #121 for safety is misleading. The criminal activity statistics for this rating are valid in regards to the number of crimes committed, but unless you are a large, retail establishment, the chances of you being a victim of a crime, especially as a resident, dramatically decrease.

As individuals and as a department as a whole, we are committed to the safety and character of the Village and we value our relationships and responsibilities with the persons here.

Chief Niel Korte
Evendale Police Department  

Thanks from the Rubys

Thank you all for such an amazing job! ("Ruby: The Family" July Cincy) We are beyond thrilled. Peter [Bronson], you really did a fabulous job.

Britney Ruby Miller
Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment, Inc.