Marvelous, thrilling, amazing "¢ these are words used by supportive attendees at the ATHENA Award luncheon. Over and over friends and Eve Center volunteers have expressed pleasure in my finalist award and the coverage by Cincy Magazine.

Your magazine is being read. Over the past weekend we dined in Clifton. A friend and proprietor of La Poste noted he read about the ATHENA Award. I also attended my 35th high school reunion. One classmate, an attorney, knew all about it. Another who lives in Northern Kentucky and owns her own catering business also had read the October edition.

Many thanks. This is a professional and enjoyable program. I am glad Cincy Magazine is the host for the international ATHENA Award for Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

I look forward to attending next year "” again, thank you!

Cinny Roy

Executive Director, Eve Center

2010 ATHENA Award Finalist

Thank you so much for featuring our exhibit on the front of the arts section in the October issue. You've been so great about covering our exhibits "” but this one takes the cake! 

We're always happy to get into Cincy and in front of so many of the region's business professionals. Thank you for covering us and sharing our info with your readers.

Julie Carpenter

Executive Director, Betts House Research Center

Lengthening with Language

The caption on page 83 (August issue) states that the beautiful, new Great American Tower "dwarfs" the city's former tallest building, Carew Tower. Dwarfs? Really? Truth be told, the new tower is 665 feet tall with the tiara, while Carew Tower is 574 feet tall overall. Deduct the 130-foot tiara and Great American Tower is 535 feet tall, or 39 feet shorter than Carew Tower. But even if the tiara were to count, it would make the new building only 91 feet taller than Carew Tower; hardly enough to say that it "dwarfs" the grand old building.

Also, Carew Tower has 49 floors whereas Great American Tower has only 41. Thanks!

Russ Willoughby

Lawrenceburg, Ind.